Strong Curriculum

2 core years (with one optional year of preparation, and up to 2 additional years of advanced studies). 30 courses. Minimum 11 of them are AP® courses (but most students take more). 20 semester hours of foreign languages. We offer the most rigorous, college-preparatory programme for high school students online. For free.

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Strong Faculty

Our strong curriculum is taught by our strong faculty. Our faculty members are dedicated, professional academics committed to both research and instruction. Our instructors are there to challenge, to encourage, to enrich, and to develop our students. They are mentors, advisors, but first and foremost – lecturers. They are here to make a difference.

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Strong Community

But a  strong curriculum and strong faculty are not enough to make a school. Our students and faculty teamed up to build a warm and welcoming community. Student clubs, annual trips overseas, and student-initiated parties are only a part of what makes Harari a great place for students. Do you see the students in the photo? These are our students, last year, in Berlin. We would love to have you in this photo next year.

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Strong Graduates

Oxford? Princeton? Humboldt Universität? How about Tokyo? Our graduates have all the doors opened for them. So far, 100% of our graduates continued to 4-year colleges in over 22 countries to major in fields starting with archaeology, through classics and Renaissance studies, ending with zoology. Even beyond their BA, most of our first graduating class chose to continue to graduate school to pursue a PhD degree.

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Thank you !!!!
Makes me smile & proud ! I am so happy she joined the program !
And thank you all for your amazing work effort and love you put into what you do ! Naama Taib

Mother of 2 HCW students

  • Graduates in 4-year colleges 100%
  • Graduates majoring in the humanities 91%
  • Students taking more than 15 APs 81%
  • International students 50%

Harari College Worldwide is an online, tuition-free, college-level programme for high school students from all over the world. We are one of the only programmes out there who aim to challenge advanced, very academic students. By offering a rigorous, research-oriented, global, collegiate, obstacles-free environment that specialises in humanities, we allow each student to pursue his interests and ambitions until this very end.

Starting in 2011, we have been producing high quality graduates who go out to make an impact on this world. Two phrases, who are also our mottos, guide our work and our students’ future: Learning Without Boundaries (because we believe that students who want to learn should get the best education, regardless of their past and present) and δωρεὰν ἐλάβετε, δωρεὰν δότε (from Matthew 10:8 – “Freely you received, freely give”. We encourage our graduates to use the free knowledge and skills they received from us to create a better world, locally and internationally).

Our school is a year-round school. As such, we teach 42 weeks each year and the examinations are taken during the vacations. We believe that by teaching during the entire year, we are not only able to cover more topics but also to ensure continuous learning and engagement in research.

Students, who feel like they need some preparation before embarking on the new journey, can take the optional preparatory year. This year includes intensive preparation of 12 weekly hours in Language Arts, Social Studies, and History. In addition, students will take general chemistry and general biology + 3 math courses during this year.

The core programme includes 2 years (6 semesters) with 16 semester hours each. Students take 30 courses, with a minimum number of 10 AP courses. The programme builds sound foundations for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences, but is also a good fit for students looking to major later in STEM fields.

Advanced students may choose to continue to Year 3, which is composed of upper-division courses in history and related disciplines. During this year, students take 2 comprehensive examinations based on about 4500 pages of reading for exam exam.

Year 4 is a new level of challenge, and includes developing a field of expertise in the humanities. Students will take courses related to that field in addition to a comprehensive exam related to it (usually based on about 10000 pages of reading). In their last semester, the main component is writing a thesis of 50-70 pages guided by one of our faculty members. Excellent students may serve as teaching assistants in the preparatory programme.

All services given by the school, including tuition and internal examinations, are free of charge and free of hidden costs. Our faculty and staff ratify each year their decision to work without payment or any other monetary reward.

However, services provided by other bodies, such as external examination boards, are not covered by the school. These types of services usually include AP/A-Level/SAT/ACT examinations or college applications. The students are responsible for these fees. The school has limited options to help students with financial difficulties, but we encourage students to let us know of such hardships.

Some courses require textbooks that we are not able to provide for our students electronically. Such textbooks are to be bought by the students. The school usually reserves a limited number of cheap, used copies for students to buy.

Free for Students

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