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    Asian Studies

    Our Asian Studies concentration offers a little bit of everything Asian: political science, history, art, languages, literature, religion, sociology, anthropology... From ancient China to modern Korea, we are proud to offer more than 30 courses on the rich heritage of the Asian peoples.

    Join a fascinating journey of thousands of years of human civilisation.

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    European Studies

    Is Europe fascinating you? Are you too captured by the magic of the western civilisation? The European Studies concentration focuses on Europe from the Ancient Greeks through very modern Putin's Russia.

    We offer over 30 courses covering Europe through its history, literature, languages, religions, and more. Embark on an enchanting adventure through the dark and light of Europe.

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    Middle Eastern Studies

    Starting from the very first societies, the Middle East has always been the centre of the world. The eyes of the entire world were carried to this fascinating area to this very day.

    Our Middle Eastern concentration goes from the Ancient Near East (Ancient Egypt, Babylon,) through the birth of Islam and to this very point of Islam confronting the west. Join us on a voyage full history, culture, and more.

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Thank you !!!!
Makes me smile & proud ! I am so happy she joined the program !
And thank you all for your amazing work effort and love you put into what you do !

Naama, a parent of 2 students

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