About Us

Knowledge Without Boundaries, bit by bit.

Harari College Worldwide is an online, tuition-free, college-level programme for high school students from all over the world. We are one of the only programmes out there who aim to challenge advanced, very academic students. By offering a rigorous, research-oriented, global, collegiate, obstacles-free environment that specialises in humanities, we allow each student to pursue his interests and ambitions until this very end.

Rigorous & Collegiate

An archaic English differentiation between a pupil and a student serves our purpose: our students are students. Pupils are the appropriate name for primary and secondary students. Our students, however, are college-level students in various of ages, starting from 8th grade. Another differentiation which is not archaic also serves our purpose: our lecturers are not teachers. They are lecturers. We have defined the relationship between our students and lecturers to work as it works in regular universities.

The workload is also the same as it is in college, including paper-writing, reading and researching. Students should expect spending an extra hour for any hour in class. Every course includes weekly readings and very often weekly writing assignments as well.

The conduct and way of operation is also collegiate. Students get to choose their own courses and work their own way until they satisfy the requirements of the diploma. Even though counsellors do exist, students enjoy much independence in their daily studies.


Lectures teach you a lot, but research teaches you even more. Our lecturers are active and immersed in research: they still publish, they still present at conferences, they still lead professional committees. Our students are expected to join the scientific community during their third year. By offering capstone projects, seminars, and other extended writing projects, each student gets his or her own place in the world, with an actual chance of reaching scientific discovery.


Students from over 5 continents take our courses at any given time. We are not just international, we are global. We work with students anywhere from Denmark in the north to Chile in the south. We work hard to build a safe environment that is peaceful, global, cooperative; a place where politics play no role, and religions set no obstacle. It is very common to see, for example, students from Iran write shared papers with Israeli students. Our students are truly citizens of the world.


We are an environment free from any obstacle nor boundary. We do not let time, money, location, previous knowledge, disabilities (physical, mental, learning-related), and any other factor stand in our way to education. We do not charge money for the tuition; we open groups in different time-zones; we make our courses accessible. We will not say no to any student with a burning desire to learn.

Specialising in Humanities

It is not a new phenomenon that science-oriented students are considered “better” in schools nowadays. We simply do not agree. We believe that humanities develops a different way of thinking; it encourages opening your mind to different concepts, different ideas, different cultures.


Harari College Worldwide is a registered school in the US CollegeBoard (CEEB: 716122) and in the Board of Education Kansas and Louisiana. We are also registered with NCAA. However, due to the high costs of accreditation, we are not able to pay for a site visit. We have passed all steps to accreditation with a regional board except the site visit, due to the costs associated with it and the membership (over $7,500 each year). In order to keep education free and rigorous, we chose to give up.

However, no graduate of us was rejected from any university or workplace, even those insisting on accreditation, due to our high educational standards and the fact that each graduate has at least a GED. Since our curriculum is backed up by external exams and because most of the curriculum is AP courses, which are approved by the CollegeBoard, our graduates enter any school in the world.