About Us

Knowledge Without Boundaries, bit by bit.

Harari College Worldwide is an online, tuition-free, college-level programme for high school students from all over the world. We are one of the only programmes out there who aim to challenge advanced, academic-minded students. By offering a rigorous, research-oriented, global, collegiate, obstacles-free environment that specialises in humanities, we allow each student to pursue his interests and ambitions until this very end. We serve students from every continent and from a variety of different backgrounds, families, interests and goals.

Our first students entered Harari in 2011. Back then, we only offered courses in Less Commonly Taught Languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. Since that day, we offered over 300 different courses in all subjects, but especially in the humanities. We even had certificate programmes in Qur’anic Linguistics and Area Studies. Today, we offer a full programme for high school students that includes something from 108 to 168 credit hours. Starting in 2012, our students have been accepted to universities like Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge, and more.

Our programmes are rigorous. We require students to push their academic limits, which means taking courses from multiple disciplines and outside of their comfort zone. Students experience a full college workload from Day #1, which means about 16 weekly hours in class and about 20 more at home preparing. Our advanced students also take comprehensive exams on set readings in over 60 subjects and write a thesis. To demonstrate, the average Harari student takes 15 AP courses. According to the CollegeBoard, there are 1,522 students around the world who took 14 or more exams in the past 4 years.

Our students are active contributors to their communities. First of all, they contribute to the emerging Harari community by forming meaningful bonds with each other. 92% of our students report  serious “after-school” friendships formed through Harari. Secondly, they are active in the scientific community by attending conferences and working on papers that would be published by scientific journals (such as the Slavic Review). Lastly,  through attending our trips abroad, students combine social and academic excellence into a week of life-chaning experience.

Harari is in many ways both suitable for anyone and not for anyone.  While it is true that this is a truly challenging environment, it is also very accommodating. We help students with moderate academic skills, learning disabilities, poor socioeconomic background, and other “issues” to blend in and bring their potential into good use.  We make sure that every student wishing to study will be able to attend Harari, regardless of all barriers.

Just like our experienced students tell the new students: “Come and join the Harari culture!”