Who are You? About Us

Founded in 2011, Harari College Worldwide offers a rigorous, university-oriented, tuition-free academic experience for over 500 students. We are a school for students with high academic aspirations, who see themselves as a part of a global community, and wish to prepare for advanced scholarship and leadership.

Our academic programme can be seen as a bildungsroman. With an emphasis on the humanities and on the human experience, we place our focus on character development and preparation for future endeavours as much as on academics. We accept students of all academic levels on the premise that each student, when included in the right academic environment, will aim to raise himself or herself to the required academic standards. To ensure this character development we open classes of up to 12 students, offer a strong support cycle, and maintain a healthy relationship with our parents. 

While we feel that the word rigorous is overused today and therefore inflated in its meaning, no other word is just as right to describe our curriculum. With core requirements of more than 7 AP® classes, we make sure that students are ready for higher education, with each student typically gains over 45 college credits while still in high school. Content-wise, the curriculum is centred on the human experience. Most students use this focus to achieve fluency in a foreign language (and we offer more than 30 of them), to immerse in a foreign culture (often through a study abroad summer programme), and to dive into issues that stand in the centre of contemporary, modern, and pre-modern existence.

Our teachers are the engineers and architects of learning. Being academics who often work in higher education themselves, our teachers are a dedicated group of volunteers who spend at least 15 contractual hours a week on teaching and service to the school with a minimum obligation period of three years. Therefore, they are fully dedicated to producing well-rounded graduates. We require our teachers to be well-versed both in the art of teaching and in their discipline, since we believe that a good teacher must be an active member of the scientific community.

While not accredited, we still do believe in external verification. Accreditation is not an option for us at this point due to its costs, but all of our AP® classes are authorised by the College Board, all of our core classes are authorised by the NCAA and the UC A-G List, and many of our electives are offered as A-Level classes, with external final exams given by the British EdExcel/AQA. In addition, our students have made it into Dartmouth, Yale, Oxford, Beijing Normal University, the University of Hong Kong, and other highly-selective, leading institutions. 

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