Why choose Harari? According to Students

While we can tell you all about our rigorous curriculum, excellent teachers, and supportive para- and extra-academic services, these points were raised by students when we asked them "why should a new student choose us"?

  • "I thank Orel Beilinson and HCW for having me enrolled in such a wonderful learning community full of optimistic people, kind and always there to help. When I first joined Harari College Worldwide I felt so proud, I was so destined to learn and help others who were in need. HCW has taught me so much and completely grew my understanding upon the world. If there are people out there, wanting to learn with the most wonderful people, they should definitely join Harari College Worldwide. I love Harari College Worldwide and all the amazing teachers and friends I came across at HCW will always remain in my heart!" (Khando, Bhutan, Class of 2019)

In addition, we asked them to finish the sentence "you know you are a Harari student when...". They said:

  • When you chat with people from across the globe and they actually are your classmates.
  • When you don't know left from right, but you do know Northern vs. Italian Renaissance.
  • When you use actual books instead of Google for your answers.
  • When you find yourself giving history lectures to nobody (or everybody).
  • When you start absentmindedly quoting teachers in everyday conversation.
  • When you spend days and nights trying to get your sisters to sign up as well.
  • When you leave your "day school" in 5pm only to start the actual school day, that is, in Harari!

Last modified: Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 8:34 AM