Leadership Team Turning Vision into Reality

Photo of Orel Beilinson Our school is headed by Orel Beilinson, a historian with a rich background in education and leadership. As an academic, he specialises in the history of Eastern Europe and investigates question related to the social causes and implications of religious belief and military services during the early modern and modern eras. In addition, Mr. Beilinson is interested in and committed to the implementation of statistical methods and digital history methods in historical research. A sworn polyglot, he is fluent in Hebrew, English, German, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, and Hungarian, and is proficient in reading other languages.

In addition to his administrative duties, Mr. Beilinson teaches courses in history, East European Studies, statistics, and geography in all grade levels. According to him, his most interesting (non-introductory) classes are "Religion in the USSR" and "Schools: A Sociological, Historical, and Anthropological Inquiry".

Photo of Anna Roitman Student Affairs are handled by Anna Roitman, who also serves as the college counsellor. She holds an MA in Comparative Literature from Bar Ilan University, which she also attended for her undergraduate education, majoring in English Literature and Jewish Art. Having joined Harari in 2012, she has taught both classes in literature and in art history until (and while) she became the Vice Principal for Student Affairs. In this capacity, she is in charge of working with students and parents to support and enable learning processes, including (but not limited to) scheduling, study skills development, reflection and self-assessment, graduation, transition to college/career/military life and college applications.

In 2016-2017 Ms. Roitman is exempted from all teaching requirements. In the past, she has offered classes about rebels and migrants in literature, an introductory class surveying world religions, and sections of AP Art History.

Photo of Orel Beilinson Institutional affairs are the field of Patrizia Carbone. She has an MSc in International Innovation and an MBA in Environmental Management, and has worked on multiple projects related to marketing and design. She has worked in administration and marketing of an International School in Paris and volunteered in Vietnam and Thailand, but also lived in China as a part of her academic research. 

Patrizia is fluent in English, Italian, and French, and defines herself as a long-time lover of problem solving, solution designing, strategies, and difference making. Her favourite free time activities are traveling, learning languages, discovering new cultures, food, and coffee.

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