Life After School The Worth of Our Diploma

So far, our graduates have pursued higher education (and our first cohort of graduates start graduate school now!), vocational education, and military service. 

College Acceptances Partial List

Harvard University Cambridge University Yale University Amherst College
Tel Aviv University Imperial College London Darmouth College ETH Zürich
University of Chicago University College London KU Leuven University of Toronto
Kyoto University UC Berkley University of Vienna Brown University
University of St. Andrews Hebrew University in Jerusalem American University in Bulgaria University of Illinois
Beijing Normal University Eötvös Loránd University IE University, Madrid University of Both
SOAS University of Virginia McMaster University Vanderbilt University
Moscow State University University of Texas at Austin Georgetown University University of Alberta

Case Study Meet Michael Brown

Photo of Michael Brown

When I first came to Harari, I was not in the best of places. I was recovering from homelessness, I had no legal documentation to reside in the United States, I had no records and the only education I had received prior was through an unaccredited homeschool program. My local public school would not allow me to enroll without documentation and I came to Harari in need of any basic education but left fully prepared for a top tier university.

In my time here, I’ve learned more than I thought I would and more was expected of me as a student than ever was before. I felt that many of my peers knew a lot more than I did and I felt a little overwhelmed from time to time but my teachers were always there to support me. Harari is a school where you truly get back what you put in, and I’ve never been disappointed with my returns. I knew from the very first class that this was the school for me and it’s still the perfect school for me as I graduate.

When it came time to apply to colleges I began to understand more of the differences between the education I received at Harari and the education many of my peers were receiving. Many of my peers did not have the writing background that I did that was necessary to write solid essays. Many of them did not have the personal relationship with their professors that one would need to get good letters of recommendation. Due in no small part to my time at Harari, I was selected as a Questbridge Scholar and ultimately had to choose between many of the top ranked colleges in the US. I ultimately chose to attend Dartmouth college on a full ride scholarship.

Harari is truly not a school for everyone. It is a school for students who are prepared to challenge their ways of thinking. It is a school for those who are determined to succeed, for those who are prepared to step out of their comfort zones and fearlessly tackle new material. As I leave for an Ivy league college, I realize that I am a product of both my own struggles and the immense opportunities to succeed that I was offered through Harari College. While I have faced major difficulties in the pursuit of an education, I wouldn’t change a thing if it meant not being a part of Harari.

Michael Brown, Class of 2016, Undergraduate at Darmouth

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