Frequently Asked Questions Our Answers

  1. How does learning in Harari works? As a synchronous school, we require live attendance in classes. The classes usually take place for 18-24 hours per week, and require approximately one hour of independent study for each hour spent in class. Therefore, students must have real-time online classes and be in a timezone that allows attendance classes between 14:00 and 20:00 GMT for the 42 weeks of our school year.
  2. How does a live lesson look like? In most classes, lessons are split between lectures and discussions. Discussions take place usually through a chat box, which students often find a good way even for shy students to participate, while some smaller groups use live audio chats as well. Thanks to teaching 90 minutes in a row and not 45 minutes twice a week, teachers can spend most of the lesson actually teaching the material and not dealing with bureaucracy. 
  3. Does the "chat box" limit socialisation? The simple answer is no. Our students are known to be a cohesive social group, and many of them end up meeting in "real life". For these purposes we organise yearly trips to Europe, known as "Beyond the Screen" projects, which offer students the opportunity to gain up to 6 credits while travelling with their friends.
  4. Are you sure students can handle such a workload? Yes. So far students who have completed our program successfully came from different initial backgrounds, which in many schools wouldn't qualify them to even enrol in an Advanced Placement class. However, the combination of excellent teachers and small classes, as well as the supportive and motivational climate in our school, allows students to succeed in this difficult, yet rewarding, task.

Last modified: Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 8:32 AM